Cybersecurity awareness made simple


The most practical solution for Digital Security Awareness

Safe user behavior in response to cyber threats is one of the key elements of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

With SafeUser, users will learn how to identify and avoid cybersecurity threats.

Chapter 1: Cybercrime
Chapter 2: Digital security basics
Chapter 3: Malicious Emails: Phishing
Chapter 4: Malicious Emails: Ransomware
Chapter 5: Smishing
Chapter 6: Social Engineering
Chapter 7: Passwords
Chapter 8: Web browsing
Chapter 9: Wifi Connections
Chapter 10: Mobile and Cellular Devices
Chapter 11: Social Networks
Chapter 12: Data protection
Chapter 13: Remote work
Chapter 14: Cloud Storage
Chapter 15: USB Memory Devices

SafeUser course contents

The 15 chapters are designed to help users develop new digital security habits in their daily use of information systems.

Each chapter requires approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Features of the SafeUser course

  • Simulations of real-life situations
  • Interactive activities
  • Assessment question

Learning platform

  • SafeUser Platform
  • Installation of the course on the customer’s platform
  • Implementation
  • Learning reports

Malicious messages exercises

Users visualize different types of messages and have to decide what actions to take in each case in a simulated, gamified, and completely secure environment.

Phishing simulation campaigns

SafeUser provides a professional phishing message simulation campaigns service as a complement to the other digital security awareness resources.

Licenses for companies and organizations

  • Annual licenses
  • Unlimited access to all chapters and assessments
  • Integration with corporate intranet

Demo access

  • Access the free demo course
  • Self-registration and immediate access
  • We will answer all your inquiries

What do participants think?

The following comments reflect the most common feedback received from the SafeUser course in the satisfaction surveys filled out by participants after completing the course:

  • Easy-to-understand content
  • Very comprehensive training
  • Good evaluation method
  • Clear and easy to understand information
  • Numerous examples to help us understand the information
  • Appropriate course duration
  • It was dynamic. I have learned a lot. Good explanations
  • Units are very well structured
  • Concepts are explained very clearly
  • The presentation is very engaging


The SafeUser course has clients in different countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.
Clients come from a variety of sectors.

Government Agencies

  • City Councils
  • State and provincial agencies
  • Hospitals and healthcare provider entities

Banking and Insurance

  • Local banking entities
  • Insurers and insurance brokerages

Companies from various sectors

  • Food Industry
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Hotels
  • Etc.

We do not disclose their names for digital security reasons.

Who are we?

SafeUser is an initiative promoted by TechClass Learning Programs, a company that specializes in the creation of digital learning content and online course platforms.

In addition to SafeUser courses, TechClass.Academy develops customized courses for companies such as Oracle, Corning, HP, Televés and many other companies in the technology sector.

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