SafeUser online course features

Enabling users to defend themselves against digital security threats.

SafeUser is intended as a highly effective training platform for non-technical users in any organization. Participants will learn to identify common threats and practice how to protect themselves and their organizations.

Designed to assist cybersecurity managers

Cybersecurity managers will benefit from SafeUser as they adapt new protective measures against cyber threats dependent on users.

Managers can obtain reports and real-time results on users’ progress.

Highly effective

Brevity: Each chapter requires approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Interactive: Users will practice with simulations of real-life scenarios.

Simple and Engaging: the clarity of the content ensures a high level of attention and interest in learning and practicing.

Credibility: The course uses characters and scenarios typical of real-life organizations.

Reliable: the SafeUser course has been developed by leading cybersecurity experts, educators, and eLearning designers.

Pedagogical elements

Scenarios: Using typical scenarios of threatening situations, images, characters, dialogue, etc., participants will be able to identify the context of correct practices and behaviors, thus encouraging interest in the learning process and its desired outcomes.

Interactive simulations. The SafeUser course includes typical cybersecurity threat simulations. These simulations will guide participants through specific situations, facilitating the practice of correct behaviors in a safe simulated environment.

Technical concepts: Each content module contains learning structures necessary to contextualize the most effective safety procedures.

Step-by-step instruction: Content sections are equipped with guided tutorials.

Educational resources: Practices, questions, and interactions are oriented to maintain the participants’ attention and increase effectiveness through learning materials.