SafeUser online course features

Aimed at enabling users to defend themselves against digital security threats.

The SafeUser course is intended to be highly effective for non-technical users in companies and organizations. Participants will learn to identify the most common types of threats and practice how to protect themselves.

Designed to assist cybersecurity managers

Cybersecurity managers will benefit from SafeUser because they will increase the level of protection against cyber threats that depend on the user factor.

The learning platform allows them to obtain reports on the results and to know the level of achievement.

High effectiveness

Brevity: between 15 and 20 minutes each chapter.

Interactivity: the course is highly interactive thanks to the practice of simulated real cases.

Simple and enjoyable: the clarity of the content manages to maintain a high level of attention and interest in learning and practicing.

Credibility: the course poses situations with characters and scenarios typical of organizations.

Reliability: the SafeUser course has been developed by leading cybersecurity experts, educators and eLearning designers.

Pedagogical elements

Simulation of situations using typical work scenarios, images, characters and dialogues that allow participants to identify and place themselves in the context, thus encouraging interest in following the learning process and reaching the desired level of knowledge and loyalty.

Interactive simulations. The SafeUser course includes mostly typical cybersecurity threat simulations. These simulations will guide participants through specific situations, facilitating the practice of correct behaviors in a safe simulated environment.

Technical concepts necessary to contextualize the safety procedures that are the object of learning in each course or content module.

Step-by-step instructions through tutorial formats for content sections that require this pedagogical format.

Didactic resources in the form of practices, questions and interactions oriented to maintain the participants’ attention and increase the effectiveness of learning.