Chapter 5 - Smishing


The practice of smishing is a criminal activity that
is sent by SMS message to the victim’s cell phone.

It is becoming more and more widespread and is a type of cybersecurity attack that reaches the user via SMS requesting to reactivate a bank account, pay a fine, receive a shipment, etc.

The consequences can be serious, ranging from the theft of access data, theft of financial amounts or infection of devices with malware.

Learning objectives

  • What is smishing?
  • How to detect if a message is smishing?
  • What to do when faced with a smishing message?
  • How to protect yourself from smishing?

Self-assessment questionnaire

This chapter includes 5 self-assessment questions aimed at reinforcing the concepts learned and practiced in the interactive slides.

The self-assessment questions raise issues that require reflection and application of what has been learned.


  • 20 minutes