Safeuser for Moodle

SafeUser for Moodle The digital security course “SafeUser” has a Moodle version. SafeUser is a cybersecurity awareness course for non-technical users consisting of 15 chapters and a final exam. SafeUser has developed a version for Moodle, one of the most common platforms in many companies and public entities. This Moodle version can be installed very … Read more

SafeUser malicious message simulator

SafeUser malicious message simulator The most effective solution for cybersecurity awareness for non-technical users. The increase in the millions of malicious messages arriving daily by e-mail to users of all types of organizations is a recognized and unstoppable trend. Despite technical security measures such as email filters or firewalls, cybercriminals still manage to get some … Read more

Do phishing simulations help?

Do phishing simulations help? Are there more effective and simpler solutions? The purpose of this article is to analyze some aspects of phishing simulation campaigns and to raise some questions about their impact and effectiveness. The intention is to open a debate that will help organizations plan their cybersecurity awareness campaigns to achieve the highest … Read more

The serious consequences of ransomware on organizations

The serious consequences of ransomware on organizations.   What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malicious software or “malware” that modifies and encrypts files on devices and computer systems, causing them to crash or cease to function. This software enters the system through the action of cybercriminals or organized criminal groups, in many cases … Read more

Cyber security awareness campaigns

Many companies and public administrations are planning to carry out cybersecurity awareness campaigns aimed at all members of their respective workforces. Thanks to these campaigns, organizations are able to raise awareness among their users, increase their level of protection and reduce digital security incidents.

Differences between phishing and ransomware

Phishing and ransomware are two of the cybersecurity threats that cause serious consequences for all types of companies and organizations. Both threats have the potential to cause significant economic and operational damage.