Chapter 14 - Files in the cloud


It is becoming increasingly common to use cloud storage systems to store documents, photographs, or other kinds of information.

Among other advantages, our files are accessible from any device.

Storing information this way, however, is not risk-free. Proper use will minimize the chances of unauthorized people accessing our private files, losing information, or simply leaving it unprotected.

In this chapter, SafeUser offers basic guidelines for protecting our information in the cloud.

Learning objectives

  • Use of cloud file systems in the workplace
  • Potential risks of cloud storage systems
  • Key preventive security measures
  • Practical examples and simulation exercises

Self-assessment questionnaire

This chapter includes 5 self-assessment questions aimed at reinforcing the concepts learned and practiced in the interactive slides.

The self-assessment questions raise issues that require reflection and application of what has been learned.


  • 20 minutes