Chapter 10 - Mobile and cellular devices


There are many types of mobile devices. In this chapter, users focus on learning how to safely use cell phones or mobile phones, also known as smartphones.

Smartphones are fully integrated into our lives. Thanks to these devices, we access our personal and professional email, store all our phone numbers, save photographs, interact with others, and much more. All this, at any time and from anywhere.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to be aware of and follow security guidelines.

Learning objectives

  • The importance of smartphones in our lives
  • The main risks associated with their use
  • What precautions we should take to protect our cell or mobile phone
  • Tips and tricks for safe operation

Self-assessment questionnaire

This chapter includes 5 self-assessment questions aimed at reinforcing the concepts learned and practiced in the interactive slides.

The self-assessment questions raise issues that require reflection and application of what has been learned.


  • 20 minutes